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If you wish to discover the Algarve otherwise, we offer different routes. Choose the one you prefer !


From Praia Grande to Falésia beach 35 km. Albufeira, a former fishing village has become a major holiday destination thanks to its sandy beaches and the lively nightlife of its Strip. Local fishermen now use the modern marina, which is also the starting point for boat trips, diving trips and dolphin watching cruises.


From Praia grande to Armação de Pêra 15 km. Covering a large area, Salgados Beach contrasts with the other beaches of Albufeira due its diversity of landscape. Here, the backdrop of ochre cliffs gives way to a cordon of golden dunes. Beyond the dunes is the Salgados Lagoon, an important stopover for many migrating birds. In the tourist region of the Algarve in Portugal is Armação de Pêra, an old fishing village almost lost among the turquoise water beaches that crisscross the west coast.


From Praia Grande to Silves 40 km. Silves is a very pleasant historic town which was once the capital of the Algarve. There is an imposing castle of red bricks, impregnable walls and an incredible Gothic cathedral having been built on the site of an old mosque. This city with its open-air cafes, cobblestone streets and peaceful pace of life exudes Portuguese authenticity.


From Praia Grande to Vilamoura 45 km.Vilamoura is a seaside resort. It is renowned for its vast marina, its golf courses and its casino, as well as for the sandy beach of Vilamoura Beach. The archaeological museum of Cerro da Vila houses the ruins of a Roman villa with thermal baths and mosaics. Red cliffs line Falésia Beach, which stretches west to the fishing village Olhos de Água. 


From Praia Grande to Carvoeiro 40 km. Carvoeiro is a picturesque and traditional seaside resort located on a coastline made up of golden sandy beaches and spectacular natural landscapes. 


From Praia Grande to Ferragudo 50 km

To Portimão 60 km. The attractive fishing village of Ferragudo has done a good job of avoiding the wholesale development that has affected much of this part of the Algarve. This is even more impressive considering its location at the mouth of the Rio Arade estuary, right across the water from the tourist hotspots of Portimão and Praia da Rocha. It is something of a wonder how the village has retained much of its traditional charm.

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